I love the comradery with my coworkers. Everyone I work with is happy and I like coming to work each day. My managers are great to work with and are very helpful when needed. I appreciated the support from UNFI when I transferred from Quebec to Vancouver.



I look forward to coming into work every day as I know I am among a fantastic group of colleagues and management. There is a very positive and supportive culture here that’s difficult to emulate.


Part of UNFI‘s vision is to continually find the best way to promote healthy living both within the company and throughout the greater community. Within the company, this is done by providing associates an environment where we are included in the company’s growth and development. We are encouraged to offer our ideas and concerns and are both respected for our abilities and rewarded for our hard work.  I have found my 4 years with UNFI both rewarding and enlightening and am excited to be a part its future development.


I’ve been working in the Food Distribution industry for 15 years. I enjoy working at UNFI because my job is very interesting and challenging and my fellow associates are always helpful and friendly.  I also feel a sense of pride working for UNFI because we supply good food to the consumer.